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How Ethernet First Mile (EFM) can improve business upload speeds

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How Ethernet First Mile (EFM) can improve business upload speeds

Conventional telecommunications infrastructure (ASDL) was designed for the home user in mind. It's asynchronous with a higher download speed bias making business operations a little trickier when uploading data to the cloud.

This can be overcome by installing a fibre connection directly to a business premises, however this is often at the cost of installation lead times that can be lengthy.

A more modern approach has been to use 4G networks to bridge bottle necks in network traffic ensuring that there are no holdups when saving vital data to the cloud.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM offers a robust alternative to the potentially lengthy lead times to install FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) as it combines paired copper cables from the cabinet to your premises to provide an equal upload and download speed.

EFM uses linked circuits to make it tolerant of failure. So, if one circuit fails, it will continue to work at lower speeds until the issue is fixed.

Advantages of an EFM connection

Unlike FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), it's available throughout the country. Better still, the lines are available for the sole use of your business - meaning that there will be no peak time slow downs.

EFM connections are normally provided without any data usage caps (it's surprising how many unlimited broadband connections actually come with limits under the banner of "fair usage caps").

As EFM connections are not shared, it's argued that they are more secure than normal broadband connections.

Advantages to your business

Normal broadband may allow your company to function if you're only downloading data. But even then, you may experience issues that others don't due to line sharing of overcrowded lines.

Issues with normal broadband connections will start to appear if your company needs to regularly upload data, send files or interact with a cloud service. This isn't an issue with an EFM connection.

EFM connections can be setup very quickly and provide a lot of the advantages of FTTP, but without the potential time required to wait before the physical fibre cable is laid to your premises.

Finally, the reliable upload and download speeds enable businesses to use video calling more and more, alongside a wide range of cloud services to enrich their office experience.

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