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What's the difference between FTTP & ethernet (leased lines)

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What's the difference between FTTP & ethernet leased lines

Fibre is just fast. It's that simple. However, your choice of fibre service can really change your experience of a fibre connection to your business premises.

FTTP is going to become more and more available over the coming years, and it promises to be provided at very low prices, especially when compared to a dedicated ethernet (leased line) connection.

An ethernet (leased line) connection can be ordered right now, despite the availability of FTTP, but it is much more expensive.

So, why is an ethernet (leased line) connection more expensive

Simply put, it's because you are not sharing the line at any point with other properties nearby. If you pay for a 100 Mbit/s connection, then you'll get those speeds with both upload and download traffic.

Leased lines provide a consistent connection at any time of day meaning that your business will not experience any slow down even at normal peak times.

In other words, an ethernet leased line is more expensive because you're hogging the entire line. You've paid for the bandwidth and nobody can take that away from you.

OK, so why is FTTP so much cheaper than a leased line?

FTTP is like any other broadband service in that at some point on the line you'll be sharing the bandwidth with other users. This brings down the cost of running the fibre line, but also takes away the guaranteed maximum speeds that you get with an ethernet (leased line) connection.

FTTP does guarantee the same stability as a leased line ethernet connection, but it can't provide that stable bandwidth that your business network may need.

Things to consider when choosing between FTTP and an ethernet leased line

What bandwidth do you need? Actually looking at your network requirements would soon put this issue to rest. If your network users require a consistent level of bandwidth then there is no contest and an ethernet leased line should be considered.

However, if bandwidth isn't of a huge amount of importance. Then, you should consider trying an FTTP connection if it's available as it's the fastest of the broadband services with a full fibre connection all the way to your premises, and very cost effective.

Make sure that your business network has the bandwidth that your users require as limited bandwidth will slow down your users' experience on your network, and that's never a good thing.

Check if FTTP is available for business premises now

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