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Planning against the £7bn business broadband outage

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Planning for business broadband outage

Yes you did read that correctly. Broadband outages cost the UK economy an estimated £7bn in lost productivity according to research conducted by Beaming in 2016.

There is no denying that our hunger for bandwidth is increasing year upon year with cheaper SaaS applications and a wide range of other cloud services. Couple that with the constant temptation to move services from expensive in-house data centres to cheaper cloud solutions.

The convenience of the cloud cannot be denied, then add that to your users need for more access to email, social media, online conference calling, etc. and you have a disaster on your hands if your broadband ever goes down.

Picture this scenario

You arrive at work to find some emails in your inbox describing problems accessing some services that your network's users regularly use. As more and more people arrive at the office(s) you get more and more of these emails and then the calls start.

The horror that crosses your mind when you finally realise that it's nothing to do with your network infrastructure or the services your users are trying to access would make you want to hide under your desk.

Once your broadband goes down the action to fix it is on your broadband provider. Who, without a SLA (Service Level Agreement), is free to fix it at his or her own pace, creating a nightmare scenario of constant phone calls and mails to try to push for something to happen, while you bosses breath down your neck.

Although its unlikely that you'll ever find yourself in this situation, it's definitely one to guard yourself from as reducing prices in business broadband of all types makes it such an attractive prospect.

That said, with some clever little SD-WAN magic, your traffic could be switched over to a temporary 4G or 5G wireless link in the event of your broadband going down.

Planning against a broadband outage isn't that hard or expensive

Thankfully the cost of 4G has dropped through the floor recently with very flexible contracts available that can be activated immediately by the right router configuration once your broadband connection goes down.

Cloud software provides a double edged sword because your staff will not be able to access it from your network without an emergency 4G connection, but they could from home or anywhere else they can work with internet access so that's not all bad.

We've helped many businesses plan for broadband outages and we've seen many different motivations to ensuring that a backup connection is available.

Wireless networks have empowered businesses to be able to use new fast connections that aren't reliant on cables, so it's always worth checking to see if it's a viable backup solution for your business network.

Starting at £20.99/month maybe it's worth seeing if 4G is available in your area

Enter a postcode Compare business broadband, leased lines, 4G & 5G links for your UK business WAN
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