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Glastonbury & EE to improve connectivity using a WiFi network powered by 5G

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Glastonbury & EE to improve connectivity using a WiFi network powered by 5G

Many of us have experienced problems when trying to use internet services via 4G in heavily populated areas like a festival.

Connections can easily drop when thousands of people are packed into small areas.

EE's plans to change this by kitting out this year's Glastonbury festival with a new 5G network alongside 2G, 3G and 4G signals.

They're overcoming the problematic likelihood that there will be very few 5G handsets at the festival (because 5G only launched in the UK in six cities in May 2019) by building a WiFi network that will be powered by 5G for superfast internet speeds of between 1-10Gbit/s.

EE's predictions on data demands at the festival

Glastonbury 2017 saw party goers transfer 54 terabytes of data throughout the festival, but EE predicts that's set to increase by a staggering 40% in 2019.

Delivering up to 75 terabytes of data transfer seamlessly in a collection of fields across one weekend is not something that should be taken lightly.

We've grown to expect our internet services to be available when we need them, so a slow WiFi network is becoming more and more unacceptable.

Availability of 5G to build a 5G WiFi network for your business

Although this is very exciting news that brings forth all kinds of ideas for our own networking uses, the fact remains that the current availability of 5G is still extremely limited.

At the time of writing (5th June 2019), EE is the only network with any 5G availability and that is only in 6 major cities across the UK. Although, Vodafone is set to start their roll out later on this summer, it's largely expected that 5G won't be widely available until sometime in 2020. But, it's still early days to predict much else.

Plus, current 5G availability has only been launced for the consumer, with little to no clear understanding of what a business data plan might look like.

That said, we're currently looking to build trial 5G solutions for businesses that are based in London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham or Sheffield. So, if you're in one or more of those areas and are interested in experimenting with 5G, then we'd love to hear from you.

Bonding & SD-WAN to build a robust 4G powered WiFi network now

4G doesn't offer the same exciting transfer speeds as 5G, but, at an average of 60Mbit/s, it can still provide a great way to provide an alternative network connectivity method without using business broadband or fibre.

Bonding could be used to combine 4G networks to provide faster speeds, even in areas with poor signal strengths, while SD-WAN can be configured to take advantage of 4G services for additional bandwidth or failover.

These are exciting beginnings for potential business uses of wireless networks, and we've already seen many integrate 4G data plans into their existing business networks for a wide range of reasons. 

But, we look forward to seeing what innovation 5G will bring to these technologies once it becomes more widely available.

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