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5G with security at its core for businesses using mobile networks

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5G with security at its core for businesses using mobile networks

Tests are underway by QinetiQ, a member of the Worcestershire 5G consortium, to build a 5G network that takes a 'security by design' approach.

Motivated by the need for businesses to move from their networks to the mobile network. QinetiQ recognises the risks invovled by potential security flaws and plans to combat this by building networks, software and apps with security at their core.

This approach is in direct opposition to the normal approach of security retrofitting in respose to incidents.

The Worchestershire 5G Testbed

Located at Malvern Hills Science Park, the Worchestershire 5G Testbed will be used by the Worcestershire 5G consortium to build and test these security by design networks.

They were awarded £4.8m in March 2018 to trial 5G technologies as a part of the UK 5G Testbeds and Trials programme, which is managed by the government’s UK5G innovation network.

Moving Business data from business networks to mobile networks

The idea of moving data from a business network to a mobile network comes with potential risks that QinetiQ want to nip in the bud right now with their 'security by design' approach.

In his blog entry, Mark Hawkins discusses the fears in the business world about the security of 5G networks and the applications that use it.

Mark starts by explaining that the new 5G networks with bring huge productivity improvements to business that will tempt them to move data from their corporate networks on to the mobile networks.

Mark wrote " if there is a problem with the mobile network it is inconvenient if you cannot make a phone call, it is extremely costly if your factory cannot operate, and extremely dangerous if your autonomous car gets hacked. Therefore, the security focus has shifted to the mobile network, where previously this was not a primary consideration."


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