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Bitcoin extortion threats coming to your business domain soon!

Heard about the sextortion emails that claimed to have somehow hacked an individual's computer and recorded them on adult sites? If not then, yes that happened and a lot of people got those emails - regardless of if they'd visited adult sites or not.

How should software vendors prioritise vulnerability patches?

A surprisingly low number of vulnerabilities are actually exploited in the real world according to a team of researchers from Cyentia, Virginia Tech and the RAND Corporation.

A white paper found that 4,183 unique security flaws were used in the real world from 2009 to 2018 -- less than half of the 9,726 discovered exploits that had been posted online.

By analysing CVSS scores, they found that the most easily exploited vulnerabilities were exploited the most. No surpise there then.

3 5G security myths debunked

5G promises to bring the future of communication to a wide range of entities; from your TV, central heating or car; to entire private business and public networks.

The promise of 10Gbit/s is simply impossible to ignore when considering how future business networks will need to continue to meet projected increases in appetite for data over the coming years.

Rapid technology evolution & how to stay up to date!

The problem with emerging technology is that nobody can truely know what it will evolve into as it becomes more widely adopted. Some technologies are so malleable, we're left with an evolving understanding of the ways it could be used across an ever growing range of stakeholders (blockchain springs to mind).

Glastonbury & EE to improve connectivity using a WiFi network powered by 5G

Many of us have experienced problems when trying to use internet services via 4G in heavily populated areas like a festival.

Connections can easily drop when thousands of people are packed into small areas.

EE's plans to change this by kitting out this year's Glastonbury festival with a new 5G network alongside 2G, 3G and 4G signals.

Seeking 3 new business partners to trial custom cutting edge 5G solutions for your business networks

As you may have heard, EE was the first mobile network in the UK to roll out 5G and then Vodafone followed with their first 5G services at the beginning of July 2018.

Although, the initial EE rollout wasn't without it's problems (BBC live broadcast over 5G network cuts out due to technical problems), other sources have reported speeds that are much faster than 4G.

How to guarantee uninterrupted service for your business network's users

The idea of downtime for an office or remote site in your company network is painful to think about in today's increasingly connected world.

Yet, businesses are continuing to move operations from expensive internally managed systems to cloud based hosting and software suites to benefit from data protection, compliance, scalability / flexibility, cost efficiencies and business continuity.

We live in an age when we expect to be connected 24/7 with no exception, and your users expect the same. But, reliable links to cloud services and WANs require robust connectivity.

An in-house data centre vs. the cloud for your business

Each business has it's own set of conditions that will ultimately influence the choice between an in-house data centre and an outsourced cloud. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when making this choice.

In-house data centres can be costly, financially as well as resource intensive, however they provide complete control of your data and ensure that you aren't reliant on external services to enable your users to access the data that they require to do their jobs.

Planning against the £7bn business broadband outage

Yes you did read that correctly. Broadband outages cost the UK economy an estimated £7bn in lost productivity according to research conducted by Beaming in 2016.

There is no denying that our hunger for bandwidth is increasing year upon year with cheaper SaaS applications and a wide range of other cloud services. Couple that with the constant temptation to move services from expensive in-house data centres to cheaper cloud solutions.

What's the difference between FTTP & ethernet (leased lines)

Fibre is just fast. It's that simple. However, your choice of fibre service can really change your experience of a fibre connection to your business premises.

FTTP is going to become more and more available over the coming years, and it promises to be provided at very low prices, especially when compared to a dedicated ethernet (leased line) connection.

An ethernet (leased line) connection can be ordered right now, despite the availability of FTTP, but it is much more expensive.